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Wake up sid – movie of the month

hello folks ,

My mid sem exams are going on and i am quite busy in study . But at the same time one of the most awaited movie “Wake up sid” released and I couldn’t control myself from watching it. This movie is starred by Ranveer Kapoor , Konkona sen sharma , Rahul Khanna ,Anupam Kher, Supriya Pathak . This is the first movie directed by Ayan Mukharjee and he has shown what he got . Very soft romantic comedy which turns to be a family movie in last half of movie .

From my point of view , this is the first movie in which Ranveer really acted and what to say about Konkona , she is usually superb .

The movie starts off in a light mood, where Ranbir is shown lazily preparing for his college exams. Later he meets Konkona in a late night party, who has just arrived in Mumbai and becomes her first friend in the city. With more e-mail exchanges and Ranbir helping her decorating her new flat, a friendly relationship starts building between the two. But all this just keeps happening in a very laid off manner and the viewer desperately waits for something more interesting to unfold on the screen. Till intermission the only scene which rises above the usual stuff is the interview scene between Rahul Khanna & Konkona.

In the second half, as Ranbir leaves his parent’s house, the movie starts endorsing live in relationship with a cool attitude. Along with that, the story has the same old clashes between rich and middle class ways of living with an added rotten plot of two love triangles incorporated lightly into the script. Keeping more emphasis on the main characters, the writers strangely leave out the parents (Anupam Kher & Supriya Pathak) out of the narration and bring them in whenever they feel like. According to the script the parents don’t even care to know the whereabouts of their only son, after leaving his house in anger.

However, the movie has its moments with few worth watching scenes representing the current generation. One, when both Ranbir and his friend laugh at the break up story. Two, when Konkona and Ranbir play around with water bottles and three the birthday scene at Konkona’s flat. With more such scenes, the movie could have been the latest talk of the town among the younger generation. Moreover, a completely predicable climax also leaves the viewer less entertained in the end. The climax required a great amount of trimming since the movie drags a lot towards its concluding moments.

Music of the movie will not disappoint you , yeah it’s true that songs are nothing capable of making you to go dance but still you can’t ignore them , they already secured their place on top of the charts.Cinematography is really superb and catches Mumbai(I have to use mumbai here not bombay as Raj Thakrey will not allow me to live on this planet, lolzz !!!) in a cool manner .Last but not least , supriya pathak has performed her role in a very descent way . She has just done the role of a mother who doesn’t have much knowledge of english but still she tries her level best to learn it everyday so she could be her son’s friend , could talk him in his manner , could manage herself not to embarrass his son in front of his friends . Really very touchy role she has performed .

a shot of movie –

wake up sid, saare pal kahe , wake up sid chal kahin chale !

wake up sid, saare pal kahe , wake up sid chal kahin chale !

The movie “Wake Up Sid” has a very interesting plot of knowing your hidden talents, where Ranbir finds out that he has got a great unexplored talent of photography

Finally kudos to ranveer , supriya and konkana and ayan. You all have made this movie worth watchable .

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