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New way of listening the song !

Hello friends ,

Today I was just trying to know that is it possible to view the lyrics while playing a song in LINUX . As i had found plug-in for some music players in windows for the same purpose .

Well , then I tried Rhythmbox and found that It has already plug-in to view the lyrics of the currently playing song . But you have to enable it as it is disable by default .

To make it enable , first open the rhythmbox  , go to edit->plugins-> and then check the box of song lyrics . So now to view the lyrics go to view->song lyrics OR just use the short cut ctrl+L. But make sure you’ll have to take the net connection for viewing the lyrics .As most of the lyrics are fetched from leoslyrics.com .

Here is a screenshot demonstrating the use of this lyrics viewer –

rhythmbox lyrics viewer

To add song lyrics manually :

If all of the website failed to find lyric for your song(misstyped tag), you can check & change misstyped song title & artist name by right clicking on the selected song, select ‘Properties’. At ‘Basic’ tab, you can edit & change the song title, artist, album etc.(Tips : Exact song title & artist spelling can improve search result)

If the lyrics still unavailable & you want to add your own lyrics, select ‘Lyrics’ tab & click ‘Edit’, paste/write the lyrics & Save it…

So friends, don’t stop the music !!!

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