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TRUE LOVE … really exists ?

Hi folks ,

After a long pause , I am writing some thing on my blog . And some may say that this is not the right topic to discuss here .(Some may doubt about my eligibility , and I accept I am not that much eligible …  😉  ) .

The thing that compelled me to write on this topic resides in my own campus . I have seen many boys who often claim that they are in true love . True love …. does it really exist ?

I don’t know , but suppose if you say that you love someone and if you are seperated from him/her for quite a period , don’t you think that you can keep that warmness in relation and the same intensity of love that you were having before . People often say , they fell in love . If love really exists then people can never fall . When a man finds himself in love ,he’ll find that he is doing better than before . Actually he didn’t fall in love , he just raised .

So friends stop saying that you fell in love , instead of it say I raised in love . Even if you couldn’t get your love then still be yourself . Love is earned , no one can get it through force.

This is all that I have learnt about love thing till now .   🙂

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