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Friday … A good friday.

I am writing this post on friday … a good friday. But I dont know how this friday is good for me except it’s a holiday. Tomorrow on saturday I will be heading to U.S. Not everyone get chance to visit on site so early in his/her career. So I was supposed to be happy as I am one of the lucky gems.  Probably I know the reason why I am not on the 7th sky… I got hurt by a person who is damn special for me. And it happens because each time I realise that I still come in the ordinary league for that person. Some of you can say that I am talking about a girl or my love. I won’t deny but I don’t accept either. I don’t know what the name this relation can carry. I just feel helpless, I try calling my some good friends but all in vain. No one can relax me except her. Sometimes I wonder how come a person becomes so important in someone’s life. I really don’t have any clue that a blog is the right place to write over such things or not. But I don’t have anyone to discuss on it. So better … use wordpress. 🙂

When I will be leaving for US no one will be here with me to say good bye, not even my roomie and not that special person. Well, still hopefully I shall do good in US. Only one thing that I can’t stop myself to do there and that is missing you (The special one).

So wish you all a very GOOD friday.

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Love you Leonidas !

Hello friends ,

Well I am a newbie to Linux distro , just moved  to it about 6 months ago .

I was using ubuntu 8.10 (intrepid) but i found myself in trouble while changing the theme and I got stuck. Then my friend Neeraj has suggested me to try fedora 11  live CD . I never used live cd of fedora before  so i was little  bit worried . But then i take a little bit risk and installed Fedora 11 in my machine .

Surprisingly it took only 10 minutes to install and now my system is working better . Fedora 11 has many new features that were not present in Fedora 10 like – ext4 file system , 20 seconds start up time (Ubuntu 9.04 claims 19.4 sec boot up time), automatic fonts and mime installer , firefox 3.5 , gcc 4.4 , gnome 2.26 , python 2.6 and many more . Some of aforementioned changes may not be in live CD , but you can install it if you have internet connection . Here is the screen shot of my desktop –>

Leonidas ---> cool look !

Leonidas ---> cool look !

Leonidas is roaring !

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