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My first job … Thank you ARICENT !

Hello friends , After a long pause ARICENT visited JNU campus for recruitment on 13th november-09 . Their team was of 7 peoples.

At first , PPT was given by HR  Kavita Ahuja. After completion of PPT , we were asked for a written test consisting four sections . First section was relatd to reasoning (some questions from syllogism, total 30 questions, time 30 mins). Second section was ‘attention to detail’.In this section questions were asked to find the word matching (like , abbbccddee   abbbccdeee abbbccddee how many words match ), what will be the next image .Time limit was 20 mins for 20 questions for this section . Section three was full of data structure and algorithms (20 questions, 20 mins). Some questions were related to  queue , expression evaluation , sorting complexities , dequeue . Section four might be consisting C/C++/JAVA , you will be asked to choose one of them and all the questions will be related to that only. I had chosen C , this section was having 30 questions in 40 mins (only section having time more than the no. of questions). In this section questions were quite easy like o/p prediction , find the error etc. You can follow test your c skills , exploring c , pointer in c , MCQ for this part .Try to be strong in your concepts . This will be enough to make it through . One more important thing , each section was having it’s cut off … and I don’t know how much was it . After completion of written test ,we have been given a sheet consisting some HR questions and we were asked to fill the sheet in half an hour , questions were like ,”tell me about yourself”, “have you ever faced some critical problem in your life and what you did to solve that problem”, etc …After that result had been declared within 20 mins. 16 qualified for the next round out of 31 .Next round was group discussion , we all have been divided in two groups , each consisting 8 members . In my group the topic was “Civilized awards are necessary or not .” . We were given 20 mins to discuss on it . I spoke 3 times in the whole GD with some good points and I was the one who wind up the things in last . It’ll be better if you try to take initiatives but always give others chance to speak , this will really help you .This was not elimination round , but certainly having some weight . When GD was finished , we all one by one called for the interview . This was one to one interview . I have to wait a lot for my turn  .HR was very co-operative , initially he asked me about my background (like where is my home etc …) .Then he asked me to write some programs like write a function taking two strings as arguments and second one is being appended to the first one .Second was , delete the last node from a singly link list .Third one was to implement fibonacci series via recursion . Then he wrote some code and asked me about the output . one code was :

char p=1;



He asked me about the o/p or error .

Second code was related to the pointer concepts .

Other questions were :

1. What is hash table , hash function ?

2. Why collision occurs , how to avoid it ?

3. TCP/IP layers and their functionality .

4. What is 2NF , 3NF , why there is need of 3 NF .

5. 8085 , 8086 microprocesser’s functionality .

6. How queues are implemented in a system .

7. complexities of some sorting algorithm.

8. What is macro and difference between a macro and a function .

9. Black box and white box testing .

10.Some questions from digital system design .

These are the questions that are still in my memory . 🙂

After that he asked me that have I ever faced the situation when I have a very less time to complete a given task , define how i did that , and what was the outcome . Also have I ever encouraged my teammates working together to achieve a specific goal . I gave satisfactory answers of these questions . I felt that HR was quite convinced from my answers .Finally he told that he is done with me … so in this way my interview completed .

After waiting around 2 hours , results were declared (around 8 pm) , 10 have been chosen , 9 were from MCA and one was from M.Tech. I was also one of them . 🙂

finally wo got it !



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