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Is it wrong to hit on a committed girl … :-)

One of my friend shared this poem to me … Thank you, I found it valuable.

Note : It happens many times with guys  that they like a girl who is already in relationship with some other guy and the guy knows that he is more awesome than the one the girl is with…. This poem is dedicated to all such friends. 🙂

Here it is :


A Boy’s view :

I too want to be with that beautiful girl

The one with the mesmerizing eyes

The girl with the killing smile,

The one with the straight, silky tresses

But wait a minute, first temme guys is it wrong to hit on a committed girl???


The way she dresses like a princess every time,

The way she walks, makes me stare all the time . . . .

For me, she’s more precious than the pearl,

But temme something, is it wrong to hit on a committed girl???


She drives me crazy every time she smiles,

I start day-dreaming about her even though I have to clear these pending files  . . . .

I don’t know about others, but for me she is the perfect girl,

But can someone temme, is it wrong to hit on a committed girl???


Seriously guys??? Do you think it’s possible that a good-looking girl will be single?

When there are infinite number of guys out there who want to mingle…

Hundreds will try & eventually someone will succeed . . . .

But that definitely should not be the reason for my heart to bleed !


Now, I got to know her only after she was with the other guy and btw that is not my mistake,

Just because she has a boyfriend now, should not cause my heart to break . . . .

Remember guys No one owns anyone, so I still have my chance,

Be ready ‘My’ Girl’s boyfriend because I have taken my stance . . . .

Well it’s a mystery how my story will unfurl ,

But hey, is it wrong to hit on a committed girl???


It’s all about the Game and I know how to play it,

It’s all up to you and sure you can blame it . . . .


My heart is pure and they say everything is fair in love and war,

Of course I love the Girl and sure enough with her guy, I am at war . . . .


Agreed that fidelity does have its own place in life’s passage,

But wait a minute people, I have an important message –

“Girl, As long as you are not married you have every chance to find your soul-mate

And so just because you met ‘that’ guy before me, cannot decide ‘OUR’ fate!!

So lady give me a chance and you too take one,

Life is unpredictable and that’s where lies the fun . . . .”


Princess I doubt whether you know your worth or does your guy in that case . . .

But one has to know what he HAS, when he HAS YOU  oh my Babe!!!

My feelings are true and my thoughts are sacred,

Now the decision is only up to you and hell yeah … that makes me scared !


Finally, About the people and the society, I give a damn . . .

girl I know you are committed but still . . . I will hit on !!!


A Girl’s view :

Here i am an ordinary gal,

protecting myself from this selfish world..


I love to dress up like a queen,

love to giggle, love to dance..

not to look conspicuous,

not to catch everyone’s glance..


I am gal with a tender heart

who has all her life waited for her sweetheart..

of late i found him

and fell in love with all my heart..


My world has confined to the love of my life.

I am just dreaming to be with him, be his wife..


It feels like I am on cloud nine,

I laugh at the things i used to whine.


I could see the envious eyes at us,

some due to love, some due to lust..


Some of them are perfect men,

but I’m in love with my own Gem..


Here is this guy, we were once friends,

He confessed something to bring all to an end..


I lost a friend, to be on the right path,

I faced heartache and also his wrath..


To you my friend,  I never wanted to be rude..

I want to be loyal, I want to do good..


Now I dread making friends with the rest,

‘Coz once they are friend they break the trust..


I wish I could make you realize,

Love happens once and not twice or thrice..


I wish I could get my friend back again,

Though i know things would never be the same..


I have found my Soul Mate,

And I’ll never let anyone change Our Fate..


When you hit on a committed gal, it could be a craze..

You think you will win her from her love..

but it’s the gal who is defeated in both the ways..



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