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Some words of appreciation for Guys/gls of JNU-MCA

Hello folks ,

I took admission in JNU-MCA in 2007 . I was not from computer background , and first time in any professional course .

It may be a bit funnier for you but that was my first arrival to New Delhi when I took admission in JNU. I was quite wondered and feeling restless . As i came JNU I faced a short phase of intro (Now I really miss those days). All this helped me to interact with my batch mats . I remember one incident , i was feeling cold and I slept late in night , when i opened my eyes in morning I saw that my whole batch was standing near the gate of room with a bottle of cough syrup . I was touched . I was not missing my home . Here I have list of some guys and girls who really inspired and helped me in a true sense . Here we go –

1.  Sunil K.      This guy has an engine called “XINE” , hey don’t laugh . Really i have never seen such energetic guy . No matter how late  in night ,how far away you are when ever you want him to present there , he’ll be .

2.  Mahesh      What to say about this guy . He always kept his moral aloft no matter how difficult situations are. Always eager to learn new things , yeah dancing swimming and many more.

3.   Mayankesh    My roomy , one of the most talented guy that my batch got . Very good sense of humor , you can’t feel bore in his company .

4.   Shekhar    Hey my “chacha” , how can i forget to place him in the list . Some times he will irritate  you but i can bet you will still want his company . Matured guy who knows how to handle the things . Whenever counting is done for “fadoo bande” he always secures top of the chart . But please someone tell him that reduce some weight . Rest is cool.

5.   Neeraj S.     Last but not least , this guy came in touch with me in 2nd sem properly. He is the man who influenced me deeply. No matter what’s my problem technical or nontechnical he used to be always there to help me . I have learnt a lot of things from him and I feel proud by addressing him as a friend . Kudos to nee !!!

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