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Byte packing !

Hello friends ,

I was studing C++ late in night and I faced a little weird situation . I saw a code as follows:

class check
int i;
float j;
char k;
int main()
check c;
return 0;

As I was expecting the output 9,9 , but it didn’t give the same on my linux machine.

And then I came to know that byte packing is done here .

Linux  being a 32-bit OS , so the object would be aligned on a 4-byte boundary.

Hence I got the output 12,12.

Isn’t it memory consuming ?

Well , we can overcome from this situation by using pragma.

We can force the alignment on a 1-byte boundary. To do this , we have to use

#pragma pack(1)  just before the class declaration.But friends , one more thing is still left, you can’t use #pragma pack with any random number. The number in the paranthesis must be a small power of two. Otherwise you may get the warning stating the same.

So don’t wait , open your text editor and try this . ♥

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