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Memories … always exist.


First ever attempt to write english lines …  🙂


I remembered you today dear friend,

I remembered how we used to be.

I realized it’s been long,

And now I think of you rarely.

I remembered our smiles and our tears,

I realized it’s been years.

I wish you well and I hope you are fine,

I remember, at some time you were my lifeline …

But now things has changed ,

You have stolen my face’s shine,

You have hurted me time to time …

and have put me away from friendship’s line.



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hey friends,

In this section my post will be related to “MY JNU”.

Don’t laugh please .

I was confused a Little bit to call this  “MY JNU” , but finally I thought this is the word which can describe my feelings .

So in video , you’ll find some rare scenes , some persons who are never seen together.

This should be treated as archive video .

Hope all of you will enjoy this video .


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