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The Truman Show !!!

I saw this wonderful movie some time ago , and really the beauty of this movie forced me to see it again and again . JIM CARREY has dominated the movie all the time . He has proved that why his name is always taken with a lot of respect in cinema all over world .

Here comes it’s short synopsis –

The film is set mostly in a town wholly dedicated to a continually running television show. All of the people present in the town are actors or film crew except protagonist Truman Burbank, who is unaware that he lives in a constructed reality filmed for the entertainment of those outside. Central characters simulate friendship or familial relations to Truman.

Truman was chosen out of five unwanted babies to be a TV star, whereupon film producer Christof ordered built a gigantic studio to encapsulate Seahaven, the artificial town in which Truman lives, believing himself to be part of a genuine neighborhood. The enclosed studio allowed the producers, directors and crew to control every aspect of Truman’s environment, including the weather.

To prevent Truman from trying to escape and discover the truth underlying his artificial world, his father is “killed” in a staged boating incident so as to make Truman afraid of water. Because Seahaven appears to be an island, this fear removes Truman’s every chance of escape. Despite Truman’s staged relationship with his wife Meryl, he desires to meet and court the scene-extra called Sylvia, who is removed from the cast by the producers while trying to explain to Truman the true nature of his life. In the thirtieth year of his life, Truman begins to realize the unrealistic routine of his world and tries to escape Seahaven.Along his path to truth and escape, Truman encounters obstacles placed in his way, including choreographed traffic jams, the inability to arrange any trips, sudden breakdowns of transport, a non-existent nuclear meltdown, and an artificially created hurricane on the “ocean”. He finally reaches the edge of the constructed reality and exits via a door in the wall, cheered on by an audience of millions (including Sylvia). Christof finally talks to Truman from the clouds. He tries to convince Truman to stay. Truman, however, says “In case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.” He bows to his audience and steps into the real world through the door.

snap from movie –

In case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night

In case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night

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