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My all time favourite !!!

Hello  friends ,

Since I am a fun loving guy , i usually hang out with my friends , and watching movies also a part of this .

I have seen many movies  in my life , but there is a very short list of movies which still revolve in my mind .

The first one of this chart is RDB(Rang De Basanti) , I think all time favourite of youths , You can check this by visiting the profiles of persons on orkut , facebook  etc…

Here is the synopsis :


RANG DE BASANTI is a story about the youth of India today. A young, London based film- maker chances upon the diaries of her grandfather, who served in the British police force in India during the freedom struggle. Excited about these memoirs, she makes plans to shoot a film on the Indian revolutionaries mentioned in the diaries. She comes down to Delhi, and casts a group of five friends to play the pivotal roles of these revolutionaries. However, products of modern India, the five youngsters initially refuse to be part of the project, as they don’t identify with these characters from the past. Not surprising, considering that they’re part of a generation of Indians that believes in consumerism. To them issues like patriotism and giving one’s life for one’s beliefs is the stuff stuffy text- books are made of. They would rather party than be patriots. In the film both the 1930’s British India and the India Today run parallel and intersect with each other at crucial points. As the film reaches its resolution the line between past and present blur’s, as they become one in spirit.

My eyes were wet after the completion of this movie and believe me such type of things happen to  me very  rarely.

The inner soul of movie was quite impressive , story line touches everyone’s heart. And “THE BOND” AAMIR (DJ) was on his full glow in this movie. Really this man AAMIR lives the charatcter.

But still we have to count the importance of other characters as well , Siddhartha(Karan Singhania) debuted with this movie in Bollywood, and nothing can be better than this . Kunal (Aslam) has shown he can act in any stream (not only in Theatres), Sharman joshi (Sukhi), as usual , has provided many scenes to laugh. Soha and Alice both have acted naturally. And i think that i am not capable to express my verdict about Anupam Kher, Kiron Kher , Waheeda Rahman, Om Puri , Madhvan , Cyrus sahukar ,Atul Kulkarni, they have justified their role. In one word , ” awsome !”

Well Personally my favourite scene in the movie , when sukhi , aslam,laxman all were dead in the last of the movie and very badly injured Aamir comes near to Siddhartha , And when he says -“Kake lagta hai pyaar ho gaya hai mainu…. Bhain di taki dil me bas gayi hai yaar…. bas baccho ki fikar ho rahi hai yaar  bhain de take gore honge yaa kale …” .

Simply Punch line of movie is : “Zindgi jeene ke do hi tareeke hote hai , ek ,jo ho raha hai hone do, bardast karte jao , ya fir jimmedari uthao use badalne ki ” !

I Love AAmir , I love RDB !



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