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make one g-mail id … use multiples !!!

Hi all ,

Some days ago when I was sending a mail(G-mail to G-mail) to my friend , I just mistyped his id . Like if it was , I wrote Even after typing the  wrong e mail id , my mail was delivered to him . I wondered and then I did some searching on google regarding the same and I came to know about some interesting facts …

Suppose if I have gmail id : , then all following will work like my g – mail id –

1.   coolnandy+8 , here 8 char can be any valid set of characters .




As gmail ignores .’s in it’s username .

an alias made by mixture of various such alias is also an alias for your id.

like will alsodirect uts mail to your inbox.

You can use it to filter your e-mails from some sources by giving them aloas id and then using a filter with to field..

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