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Girls dream of good boys but love bad ones , know WHY .

It is known that girls dream of good boys but love bad ones. What’s the riddle? Let us try to understand. In fact, everything is simple. Let’s consider 9 reasons.

1. Good guys like to dress well. However, after  some time, I began fearing gentlemen, dolled up like a dandy. I realized they had something to hide. They do not have confidence in themselves, and are trying to compensate for that through a costume. I am a little sorry for them, and they are not interesting for me. Self-assured men feel equally good in any clothing, be it a sports suit, jeans or anything else. They are interesting in any clothing. They do not need to prove anything around. They have already proved everything.

2. Good guys are afraid to make decisions. They want you to decide where you go tonight. And not because they value your opinion. They are just trying to shift responsibility on you. They have such a bad habit – to shift responsibility. (They should better smoke!) Bad guys can make mistakes, they even may offend you, but they will not hide behind you.

3. Good guys like being with you when you are well. They have a property to go aside, as soon as there are troubles, even minor. They turn to other topics. They do not even try to help you. They will leave without any explanations. What is it? Good guys just do not burden other people’s problems on themselves, even if they are yours. They are cautious. After all, good guys do not know how to fight. And they go aside when you are in troubles. And appear again, when all have established. There is no guarantee that bad guy will help you. But he will definitely try. And there is nothing special here. He just likes feeling like a hero.

4. Good guys are easily influenced. Grandma, Aunts, Mom, Dad, best friends and so on and so forth. What does it mean for you? Just if some of his precious family does not like you, your chances are zero. And then, even if you manage to withdraw him from this influence through tremendous efforts, who knows whom he wants to hide behind next time? If someone from a bad guy’s family does not like you, he will love you even stronger. There is nothing special here too! He will just love you against other people’s opinion. He loves the process of overcoming difficulties.

5. Good guys never quarrel. In fact, they learned to hide their opinion. They remember how painful it was when they were beaten in childhood. They even wanted to attend boxing classes to learn how to fight. But mom took them to a music school. Now they can speak about a man only in his absence. Moreover, these statements are rarely positive. Bad guys are used to say what they think in person. They are not afraid to go to a conflict with, be rude. In childhood mother also tried to take them to a music school, but they run off to the gym. They were deducted from musical school in the first six months, and mother, said: «Well, gym, ok, gym». And so, they, unlike good guys, are not afraid to express their views.

6. Good guys float downstream. They like order in everything. They do everything according rules. They have a compartmented mind. They know how everything should be and are striving to this. Bad guys just live. They made mistakes too, and so will accept you the way you are.

7. A good guy will stand by your door and knock on it so timidly, that you will not hear him. And he will go home then. He is polite and civilized. A bad guy will go to you anyway. If you do not open the door, he will most likely enter through the window. This is even more interesting. For him, of course. You will take validol and keep silence for about half an hour after his appearance. Perhaps you will even go into hysterics. But you will not be able to banish him, that’s for sure. It follows that good guys afraid of height, but bad guys have more fantasy.

8. Good guys like educating you and want to change you. They read many books and consider their duty to inform you about this. It happens that sometimes they even write lyrics (half white). And read, read, read them for you. They harass you with grind. And you want to close your ears not to hear them, close your eyes not to see them and run, run from them, as far as possible.

9. Favorite exercise of good guys – reflection on future. You also have a vague chance to be with him in his future. Definitely, this not will be soon or easy, and only if you manage to close eyes on his endless doubts and regrets. He resides in tomorrow, but you live now! Most likely, you will run away with a bad guy, which is more present in today. Bad guys make future now. They act, make mistakes, then back in force. This is more like life.

Good guys despise bad guys, in secret, of course. They did not give out their relationship to bad guys, because remember, that those, opposed to them, are able to fight. Bad guys treat good ones indifferently. They just know whom girls run away with …

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सीधे दिल से …

कुछ पंक्तियाँ जो निकली है सीधे दिल से …
अंतिम पंक्तियाँ राहुल सर के सौजन्य से .  🙂

तेरे चेहरे पर गम देख सकता नहीं ,

पर इसके लिए खुद को मिटा सकता नहीं ,
तू किसी को कितना भी चाह ले ,
मुझसे ज्यादा तुझे कोई चाह सकता नहीं !
जान ले मेरे हर आंसू की वजह तू है ,
पर तेरी आँखों में आंसू देख लू ऐसा हो सकता नहीं …
ये प्यार भी बड़ा अजीब है …
जिसे मैं चाहूं  वही मुझको मिल ना सके ,
हे भगवान् ऐसा तू कर सकता नहीं !

जब भी तू होगी तनहा …
मुझे हमेशा पास पायेगी ,
तेरे बिखरे हुए जज्बातों में ,
मेरी तस्वीर नज़र आएगी ,
दुनिया जो कहती है कहने दे ,
हम बदल जाएँ ऐसी नौबत कभी न आएगी ,
एक बार हिम्मत तो कर ,
हर तरफ हवा में खुशबू नज़र आएगी !

हर एक की आंखो में होता है एक सपना ,

मैं भी कोई अलग ना था , जो मैंने देखा एक सपना ,
अंतर बस इतना सा है ,
औरोँ का सपना होता है अपना ,
पर मेरा सपना तो दूसरो का भी है उतना ही अपना ,
जब पूरा ना हो अपना सपना ,
तो लोग ले लेते औरोँ का सपना ,
पर मैं ना छोडूंगा तुमको ,
क्योकि तुम ही तो हो मेरा एकलौता सपना !

कहते हैं की मीठा दर्द दे जाता है पहला प्यार ,

सुध बुध ना रहे ऐसा चड़ता है खुमार ,
जब ना मिले किसी को पहला प्यार ,
तो वो बंदा हो जाये देवदास की लिस्ट में शुमार ,
हमने भी किया है ऐसा ही कुछ पहला प्यार !

यादें याद आती है …

ना चाहो फिर भी याद आती है .

यादें कडवी हो या मीठी ,

फिर भी याद आती हैं …

आँखें नाम कर दे ,

ऐसी यादें याद आती हैं .

भुलाने का अथक प्रयत्न कर लूँ ,

फिर भी यादें याद आती हैं  !

आज भी याद आती है क्यों वो ,
भुलाने पर भी भूल पाती नहीं वो ,
हँसता तो हूँ मै इस दुनिया को दिखाने के  लिए,
पर हर हंसी के पीछे का दर्द जानती नहीं वो !

दिल से चाहा , जाँ से ज्यादा प्यार किया …

आंसुओं से भरी आँखें , ये हमने बदले में पाया .
माना की हम तेरे काबिल नहीं ,
पर तेरे प्यार में हर पल खुद को ऊपर उठता पाया …
पर जैसे शायद इतना ही काफी ना था ,
दिल तोड़कर मैंने तुझको किसी गैर से दिल लगाते पाया …
दिल मेरा रोया जार जार , पर तू इन सब से बेफिक्र थी …
क्योंकि मैंने तुझे किसी और के लबों पे मुस्कराहट लाते पाया …
उदासी यूँ तेरे चेहरे पर जंचती नहीं …
गर हंसी का दामन  तू यूँ छोडती नहीं ..
कुछ तो ख़ास है तुझमे ऐसा …
कि दुनिया तुझे उदास देख सकती नहीं .

तुम्हारी याद से हर पल सजा हुआ campus ,

मै क्या करूँ कि भुला ही नहीं सका campus,

ना जाने कौन उसका आखिरी यहाँ रह गया होगा ,

कि उसकी आखिरी साँसों में दुआ थी campus ,

कल रात JNU की सडको पे जो तुझे याद किया ,

तुझे खबर है मेरे साथ खुद रो पड़ा campus,

उदास नहर में तुम पाँव डाले रहती थी ,

तेरे बाद खुद उदासी में ढल गया campus ,

हर 1 department से उसके कहकहे  गूंजे

उसके बाद दोस्त जब भी मै गया campus …

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TRUE LOVE … really exists ?

Hi folks ,

After a long pause , I am writing some thing on my blog . And some may say that this is not the right topic to discuss here .(Some may doubt about my eligibility , and I accept I am not that much eligible …  😉  ) .

The thing that compelled me to write on this topic resides in my own campus . I have seen many boys who often claim that they are in true love . True love …. does it really exist ?

I don’t know , but suppose if you say that you love someone and if you are seperated from him/her for quite a period , don’t you think that you can keep that warmness in relation and the same intensity of love that you were having before . People often say , they fell in love . If love really exists then people can never fall . When a man finds himself in love ,he’ll find that he is doing better than before . Actually he didn’t fall in love , he just raised .

So friends stop saying that you fell in love , instead of it say I raised in love . Even if you couldn’t get your love then still be yourself . Love is earned , no one can get it through force.

This is all that I have learnt about love thing till now .   🙂

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